Monday, June 14, 2010

Does a 1/4 inch really matter?

Does a 1/4 inch really matter? Definitely YES! Ok, let me explain. I am talking about "Choose to Lose" with Todd's team. I worked out with Todd's group a couple of weeks ago. By request of his team he was doing a muscle class on the machines because his group wanted to be able to effectively use the machines on their own. Todd is the (self-proclaimed, yet I agree) MASTER of form!!!! He very effectively changes your form ever-so-slightly and the result is PAIN. Ok, maybe pain is not the right word but let's just say you can feel the difference and the effect. For this class the group was spread around the floor but somehow Todd manages to monitor everyone very well. Just when you think you are in the clear...he is right next to you adjusting your position slightly. So what's the big deal you ask...I guess it's just efficiency. When you are doing the exercise correctly, it doesn't take very long to fatigue your muscle. That being said, a lot of us feel like we live at the gym so efficiency is very important...especially with the kids getting out of school soon! In between each muscle group he had us raise our heartrate to get a great overall workout!

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