Monday, June 14, 2010

Ghost of What is Yet to Be...I fear you most of all...

Ebenezer Scrooge proclaimed "Ghost of What is Yet to Be...I fear you most of all"..This is what I was thinking when I was getting ready to attend Jeremy's class. I don't mean to say that I find Jeremy scary because he is very nice but he is one of the only trainers that I had never worked out with. His reputation is that he is "tough". So I like to think that I can "hang" with the best of them but I jokingly said to someone in his group "so is Jeremy going to kill me?". Her response was "Jeremy won't kill you but his workout will!" Yikes...just what I thought.

Jeremy and his group were very welcoming. They have a nice camaraderie. Their class was on a Thursday late afternoon in the group exercise room. The class started with some cardio drills to warm up then went into a boot-camp circuit. Well the class was intense! No one exercise was over-the-top hard but in combination with little time in between, it was a difficult class. I really enjoyed it though. I like the boot camp stuff! I think I held my own and I no longer fear the unknown (as much)!

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