Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Early to bed...early to rise..

I guess I didn't look at the big picture when I pitched the idea to Ted because after I got the green light, I checked out the times of the different groups! What 5:00am...yikes! Now usually I am a night owl up until at least midnight but I decided to bite the bullet and get the early class out of the way the first week of my project. Sue W. is the trainer and I gotta say I really enjoyed the class. For me there were a lot of positives. I am someone who likes interaction and cameraderie at the gym ( I know not everyone does!). Well, this seemed to be a tight group, both with each other and with their trainer. They are the "early morning" people and they have their run of the gym. For this class they used the group exercise class and Sue set up a bunch of different areas. Sue is great at changing up the workout all the time. She gave out handouts to help them during the week and also a "quiz" to check their fitness for running. This week there were some "boot camp" style stations, a spin bike station, ab station etc. She also took pairs out on the floor to introduce a new machine to everyone. The group definitely welcomed each other, cheered each others successes, and encouraged each other. Not only do they work out together on Thursdays but many get together a few times a week! It was nice to be done with my workout around or before the time I usually wake up...not in years have I had an entire day before me without specific plans...I have gotten up early and done classes on days when my schedule was so full that early morning was my only option but a whole day....unfortunately I didn't get the reports etc. that I need to do for work done but, hmm, maybe today!

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