Sunday, June 6, 2010

Let's start at the very beginning...

Let's start at the beginning, a very good place to start...oh wait, that's a musical..that's my kid's life not mine...Back to the gym...I have gone to four different groups now. The first one was bright and early on a Monday morning with June. Now anyone who has taken class with June knows that she is full of energy, stamina, and strength! Would this training session be a boot camp, machine class, yoga, drumming...June can, and does, do it all! Monday mornings are busy at the gym... so we gathered in a small corner and began working out. We did muscle mixed with movements to get heart rate up. The workout was set up like a pyramid starting out easy, getting more difficult, then even more difficult, then back down again. Everyone sort of worked out on the same things but at their own rate and level. June was great with her group, so patient! She demonstrated and explained each exercise as many times as necessary! She reminded them to watch their form. It seemed like some of the people in her group were new to this type of workout. June gave many suggestions on what each member could do during the week. She was great at explaining that the best kind of exercise was the one that they would actually do. She urged them to try different things until they found one or more that they liked and to go with that. It was very evident that she cared about her team..not so much in a competitive way..but she cared about them as individuals and that for her winning would be for each member to develop a healthier way of life...eating healthier and moving more! And we all know that when we eat healthier and move more, we feel better psychologically and physically!

Did I remember to mention June's sense of humor and how she "demanded" that we honor our trainer? There were lots of curtsy squats going on!!!

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