Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Starting out

Okay, so this is my first foray into fact I have only read one or two blogs ever. Anyway, I have been going to HHF for what seems like forever now but I was not always an exerciser. About 10 years ago I was very overweight and joined Weight Watchers with a couple of friends. As many of you know, exercise is one of the main parts of Weight Watchers so I began exercising. I started off at home walking in my family room for the prescribed 22 minutes, built up from there to an hour etc. After doing this for a while (like a year), I joined the gym. About 4 years ago I hit lifetime at Weight Watchers with a total weight loss of 100 pounds. Now the weight did not fall off me, it came off .2 lbs at a time. Ok, it did not take me 6 years exactly to lose the weight because within that timeframe I had my 4th and 5th child. So, to sum up I am a mother of 5 kids who has lost a lot of weight and I have maintained that weightloss for about 4 years. I have become an expert at maintaining my weight even though I would like to lose more. I have done classes, some training, some stuff on my own, etc. but wanted to change it up so I enrolled in the first Choose to Lose. At that time, I was working full-time (which I don't usually do but was filling in for a maternity leave) and so the only time I could attend Choose to Lose was on Tuesdays. So I signed up...the trainer happened to be Todd, which I was thrilled with since I had heard so many great things about him. Since that first session people have been asking me my opinions on whether I liked it, if I thought it was worthwhile, if I thought they would like it, whom should they work out with etc. I was thinking of signing on again but now had to choose a time/trainer (because I am back to part time at work) but having heard such great things about them all I had trouble choosing a so I pitched the idea of having me go to each group during the second "Choose to Lose" and blog about the experience. Hence, this blog and I get to test drive a lot of trainers!

Now the current Choose to Lose is half way done and if I understand correctly the next program will be in the fall so maybe this forum will help you decide to jump on in and "Choose to Lose"!

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  1. Love the blog idea, I just joined HHF a few weeks ago and was interested in the choose to lose program. Would join if they offer the program again. Is there any cost to join the program?