Friday, June 4, 2010

half way!

ok let's say that not only have I "perfected" my maintenance (instead of losing more) but I am also a skilled procrastintor. Well, my attendance at team workouts is right on schedule but the blogging part is a bit delayed. So I have visisted 4 of the teams right so far. For this morning, until my younger kids get up, I will give you an overview. We members of the gym are very lucky indeed, for not only do we have an excellent staff/group of trainers but the other members are very welcoming, friendly, and supportive! Each group has welcomed me and made me feel like part of their woman brought flowers for each of her teammates and gave me one too! She didn't have to do that...she didn't give them out in front of everyone. She came up to me in the locker room half an hour after the session had ended, and said, "you're part of our team right?!" and explained that she brought them in for everyone on the team. Small acts of happens all the time at HHF!

That reminds me..I don't think you have to be a member to be on a team for "Choose to Lose".

More on each team/trainer later...

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